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You'll find all our sales partners listed here. Our product, the Piano LED Plus, is available on their websites and sometimes in store. Our product consists of a system box, one or two LED strips and an application. We're proud to share our partners' positive feedback with you!

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Focus Camera

Focus Camera has been around since 1966! Founded by Abe Berkowitz, Focus initially focused on the New York area before expanding worldwide with two stores and an award-winning website.

Its mission: to help creative people (photographers, videographers, musicians...) find the equipment they need to realize their vision.

Our Piano LED Plus product is only available on their website!


Our Piano LED Plus is now available on Amazon! It's a great source of pride for our little company to be sold by one of the giants of the Web!

Please note, however, that our product is only available on! The rest of the world may be coming soon...