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What's in the box?

  • Piano LED Plus System
  • Transparent or black LED strip
  • Keyboard connector
  • EU/US Power supply

Assembled in France

And protected by a registered patent!

Product description

With Piano LED Plus, discover a new way to learn the piano. Piano LED Plus includes a whole new educational dimension. The system allows you to learn songs using its internal software and Piano LED Webapp to control it. It plays back any MIDI file on the LED strip and waits for the LED-illuminated keys to be pressed to move on in the song. In addition, Piano LED Plus is compatible with the popular Synthesia computer software. You can simply connect to it via Wifi.

This software gives you an immediate feedback showing how you played. Long term tracking shows how you're improving. In this way, you can track your progress. You can enable musical notation for any song. Or, leave it turned off and just enjoy the falling notes. It can also remind you which finger is best.

The combination of Synthesia's pedagogy and the physical input of Piano LED Plus has created a powerful tool for learning the piano.

Please note that Synthesia is an option for learning, the internal Piano LED Plus software is more than sufficient.

Discover the app

Adaptable LED Strip

The LED strip can be cut to fit any size keyboard.

Piano LED WebApp

This is the application that allows you to control Piano LED Plus. Easy to use, it allows you to import your music, record yourself, learn, listen…

MIDI Compatible

Piano LED Plus uses MIDI files to operate. In addition, we offer our own bank of songs dedicated to the system. Millions of MIDI files are also available directly from the internet.

Share your tracks

Record your songs and share them with your friends, family, students, etc. With Piano LED Plus, your song is instantly transferred to the LED strip.

Compatible with Synthesia

Piano LED guarantees automatic synchronization via Wi-Fi with the famous Synthesia piano learning software, without any cables. Learning to play the piano becomes child's play!

Transparent/Black LED strip comparison




What's in the box?

USB B to Micro USB cable

Plug Piano LED Plus to your piano with this cable. Please note that you can also plug Piano LED Plus to a Midi port.

Piano LED Plus System

All the power of Piano LED is included in this small box.

EU/US power supply

5V, 3A USB C power supply

Black OR Transparent LED strip

A smooth LED strip adaptable to any piano size.

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