Piano LED Plus Manual
How does the system connect to the keyboard ?

Answer :
It's a simple Plug & Play system.
1) Plug the Piano Led system to your keyboard with a micro-USB-B to USB/MIDI cable.
2) Power on your keyboard
3) Plug the Piano Led system to a socket.
You're now ready to bring life to your tracks.

I'm using Synthesia / SeeMusic software, is your system compatible with this software ?

Answer :
Yes. Our system can connect also to Synthesia via wifi. In this way, you have the scrolling notes on screen synchronized with your ledstrip. You can also record your tracks as midi files with our system and then export them directly to your PC via Wifi. Once the file is on your PC, you are able to use any software you want to edit this file, including Synthesia and SeeMusic.

How will I know if order is placed successfully ?

Answer :
Once your order is placed, you receive a confirmation of your order by email from our company. It will include every detail of your purchase.

How do I check the status of my order?

Answer :
Once your parcel is shipped from the post office, you'll receive by email a confirmation giving you the shipping code of the order to follow each step of its shipment.

Can I cancel my order?

Answer :
It's impossible for us to cancel an order. Once it's placed, the order will be shipped.

Do you refund ?

Answer :
Refunds are available in case your system doesn't work well or you receive it with broken pieces. First, send us a photo/video of the problem by email or facebook message. Then you'll have to send it back to us in order to be refund completly.

Are there any transport costs ?

Answer :
No. Free shipping worldwide.