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A new, smart and sleek design. A high-speed Wifi chip. Automatic updates. Endless learning possibilities... That's Piano LED Plus.

Rest assured, all the aesthetic features of Piano LED are included in this new Piano LED Plus version.

Our engineers have worked together with Synthesia software engineers to give you the best possible user experience.
Piano LED Plus is the only light system in the world that guarantees automatic synchronisation with Synthesia via Wifi, without any cables. With this compatibility, learning to play the piano becomes a breeze. Indeed, the system waits for the right keys to be pressed before illuminating the next ones.

Not using Synthesia software?

This is not a problem. Piano LED Plus has its own internal learning software. The principle is the same, the system waits for you to press the right keys to light up the next ones.

In addition, you can adapt your learning : separate hands, different colours for each hand, colour the scales, adapt the tempo...

Piano LED Plus is able to play any piano MIDI file on the LED strip. You can play, record, listen to any MIDI file you want. Piano LED team is committed to maintaining a song bank to ensure its users have new certified Piano LED Plus compatible songs on a regular basis.
Piano LED Plus webapp Piano LED Plus can be entirely controlled via the Piano LED WebApp. Connect your system to your home network and you're done. You can control it from your Smartphone/Tablet/Computer by typing "pianoled.local" in the search bar of your search engine.

BLACK Piano LED-strip || TRANSPARENT Piano LED-strip

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