Piano LED Plus 2024 - Now everyone can play

Light as a guide, an idea from Piano LED
Piano LED has all the makings of an excellent idea, even more so to help apprentice pianists stay on track.
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Piano Led aims to revolutionize online piano lessons... All the lights are green
Piano LED is the perfect answer to today's challenges in terms of the evolution of electronic equipment.
Illuminate. Learn. Record. Share.

LEDs illuminate the keys to be played.

Play, light up, impress your friends and family.

An infinite number of compatible tracks.

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Save time, money and fun!

With LED piano

Learn any song, even your own

Plug & Play: install in 2 minutes top chrono

Rapid progress

Fun & efficient

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Piano LED has developed a technology thatmakes learning the piano easier.
The product consists of a case and an LED strip that connect to an application where you can find songs, import others and then learn them thanks to the light signals: the LEDs light up the keys to be played. The system waits for you to press the right combination of notes before moving on to the next ones!
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