Benefits of learning the piano

Benefits of learning the piano

May 24 , 2022


Piano Led Team

     1. Concentration

    Several studies show the health benefits of piano playing. First of all, it has been proven by several scientific studies that piano playing increases the ability to concentrate. Indeed, in order to play the piano, it is important to pay special attention to many things such as the rhythm, the sounds, the tempo, the notes, the music, the melody, and many other things. According to several studies, learning the piano has the ability to create new neural connections.

         2. Connectivity between body and brain

    Playing the piano also increases the connectivity between the body and the brain. Indeed, the person who will play the piano will be able to recognize just thanks to the ear if it touches the note which it wishes or not. Even his brain will be able after a long time of learning to recognize if the placement of the hands is right or not. This coordination is essential and it is the result of good learning of the piano.

         3. Perseverance & Discipline

    In addition, piano playing creates real perseverance and discipline. To know a piece flawlessly, you have to repeat it several times, for several weeks, until it becomes automatic. It is necessary to be assiduous and rigorous in order to succeed in mastering the piano.

         4. Stress

    The piano is also known to reduce the effects of stress. A person who dedicates at least one hour of his day to play the piano will be much more relaxed and will be able to continue his day in a good mood. In addition, after several piano lessons and rehearsals, the piece is bound to be enjoyable to hear, the pride felt afterward is a feeling everyone should experience. Not to mention, the face of your loved ones after you play them a piece, there is nothing more beautiful.


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