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Product description

Revolutionize Your Piano Learning Journey

Piano LED Plus revolutionizes piano learning by anticipating every touch through its advanced internal learning software. The LEDs light up the keys to be played and wait for you to press them before moving on to the next ones.

Explore an Infinite Musical World

Piano LED Plus goes beyond mere illumination. Play, record, design and immerse yourself in the boundless realm of this amazing technology. Customize your experience with separate hands, distinct colors for each hand, and tempo adjustments.

Always in Tune with Your Music

Our dedicated team regularly updates an extensive library of songs compatible with Piano LED Plus. Stay in sync with the latest musical hits and classics, making your musical journey a continually evolving masterpiece.

Your product, elevated by the NEW Piano LED App.

Piano LED Plus can be fully controlled via the Piano LED App. Translated in all languages. Connect your system to your home internet and you're done.

Easy to use, it allows you to import your music, record yourself, learn, listen...

Available for IOS and Android.

See the App

Adaptable LED Strip

The LED strip can be cut to fit any size of keyboard.

MIDI Compatible

Piano LED Plus uses MIDI files to operate. In addition, we offer our own bank of songs dedicated to the system. Millions of MIDI files are also available directly from the internet.

Share your tracks

Record your songs and share them with your friends, family, students, having the system.

Compatible with Synthesia

Synchronize your LEDs with the famous Synthesia computer piano learning software, via Wifi

Is my piano compatible?

If your digital piano has ONE OF THESE ports: it's fully compatible.

What's in the box?

USB B to Micro USB cable

Plug Piano LED Plus to your piano with this cable. Please note that you can also plug Piano LED Plus to a Midi port.

Piano LED Plus System

All the power of Piano LED is included in this small box.

EU/US power supply

5V, 3A USB C power supply

Black OR Transparent LED strip

A smooth LED strip adaptable to any piano size.

Transparent/Black LED strip comparison

The transparent LED strip is ideal for your videos and photos, the appearance on the keyboard is beautiful, which embellishes your music!

The black LED strip is ideal for learning. The lights illuminate the keys very precisely, making it easy to understand!

Of course, you can learn songs with both of them.




Product specification

Size of ledstrip

123 x 1,3 x 0,4 cm

Case size

7,9 x 7,9 x 3,3 cm

Compatible keyboards

With USB B or MIDI port

Power supply


Embedded technologies

Bluetooth, WiFi

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