The history of art

The history of art

Art has existed for a very long time. We can find it since prehistoric times in caves, or with the "Venus", the famous statues of women. As for music, it has existed since prehistoric times, but it leaves no trace. It is therefore difficult to know where it comes from.

We find some instruments from the end of the Paleolithic such as the bone whistle.

Which became a flute when some holes were added. It was one of the first wind instruments of which we have knowledge. We suppose that they were more instruments of alarm or communication than artistic instruments.

Moreover, for the stringed instruments, we imagine that it is the harp that was invented first. It is found on numerous sculptures from antiquity or on portraits dating back even further.

Music is even more represented in Greek mythology with Apollo, the son of Zeus was the god of light, harmony and music. As soon as he played a piece with his zither, the palace resounded with the songs of the gods and the goddesses danced. As for the daughters of Zeus, they represented the muses, those who inspire and bring music to life.

Now music is a source of pleasure for many people. Music has many different purposes, such as dancing, meditation, entertainment, or even meditation. It can be used to shut yourself away in a bubble or to dance in a crowded dance floor. Music reduces stress and releases dopamine, a source of happiness. So go ahead! Make some music!

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